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Chaos in General - TV Blog Extraordinaire

My friend Caroline and I started a TV blog just over a year ago, and have decided it's time to branch out to all of the fandoms we blog about and recruit more readers. - check it out, sift through all of the year's worth of entries (which is simple because it's all archived by show name/topic) and leave us comments on what you like or don't like.

If you find us at all entertaining and would like to keep up with what we're talking about on a weekly basis, bookmark the site and check back frequently. But also, leave me a comment here and add me as an LJ friend (Caroline and whoever else we add to our blogging staff will have new blog-related LJs soon, too) and I'll post announcement updates on my LJ every time I put up a new entry, linking to the entry itself as well as giving a short description of that specific topic - so you can pick and choose what you'd like to read.

Check it out. Let's be friends. Spread the TV fandom love.

Linkage again: a href=""></a>

(X-Posted... basically everywhere. Fair warning.)
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